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WCFWindows Communication Foundation (Indigo; Microsoft)
WCFWorld Cat Federation
WCFWorking Capital Fund
WCFWorkforce Central Florida
WCFWorld Cocoa Foundation
WCFWorkers Compensation Fund
WCFWinchester Center (Central) Fire
WCFWorld Chambers Federation
WCFWhichever Comes First
WCFWaste-Calcining Facility
WCFWorld Chess Federation
WCFWorld Craniofacial Foundation
WCFWind Chill Factor
WCFWith Cystic Fibrosis
WCFWestminister Confession of Faith (book; standard systematic theology of reformed churches)
WCFWorld Championship Fishing
WCFWestville Correctional Facility (Westville, Indiana)
WCFWyoming Community Foundation (also seen as WYCF; Laramie, WY)
WCFWashington Chess Federation
WCFWorld Chicken Festival
WCFWaterloo Christian Fellowship (Ontario, Canada)
WCFWeather Communication Facility
WCFWaveguide Cavity Filter
WCFWaste Calcinating Facility
WCFWestern Communications Forum
WCFWeighted Covariance Function
WCFWith Compliments From
WCFWorld Champion Federation
WCFWICS Common Format
WCFWeekly Cash Flow
WCFWell Control Forum
WCFWorld Cup Final (sports)
WCFWorld Childhood Foundation
WCFWomen and Children First
WCFWaterloo Cedar Falls (Iowa)
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To the first point stated above, while the Savoy is clearly preferred to the WCF because of its polity distinctions, one ought not go as far as Samuel Waldron does in stating, "after thorough study of these documents, I am aware of no instance in which the language of the WCF is preferred over that of the Savoy.
The bill creates a three-year transition period in which the WCF will remain as the insurer of last resort through calendar year 2020.
WCF took steps to make sure all employees were as comfortable as possible with the exercise.
Before founding the WCF and teaching at Hillsdale, Carlson served as the president of the Rockford Institute, a paleo-conservative think tank.
The spread of Ebola is a serious concern to WCF and our member companies, given our deep and longstanding support for the well- being of West African cocoa-growing communities.
WCF will join a global movement to help fight Ebola in West Africa," New Zealand Radio quoted Bill Guyton, president of the WCF, as saying.
assistant director of field education at Springfield College in Massachusetts, conducted an NIC technical assist visit to discuss the WCF design requirements in 2007.
Organised by Pet Secure, a pet insurance company in association with the World Cat Federation (WCF), the two-day feline contest gathered 26 cats of different breeds, which were subjected to professional judging by WCF officials.
The Bulgarian PR expert was elected Co-Chairman of the Committee of WCF Davos at the beginning of 2013.
Lee Ju Song, the Regional Director of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Asia office and the Chair of the ICC World Chambers Federation International Certificate of Origin Council and a member of the ICC WCF International CO Accreditation Committee, ICC WCF World ATA Carnet Council and ATA Carnet Administrative Committee.
I got a SAA, a DA/ SA revolver, a LR, a WCF and a Mag.