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WCFOWomen Chief Fire Officers (now International Association of Women in Fire and Emergency Services)
WCFOWalnut Creek Field Office
WCFOWorld Canine Freestyle Organization
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Both WCFO and MDSA have a system for handlers to submit videotape of their performance for judging, so you can "compete" without having to always travel long distances.
In room 202 WCFO canine freestyle competitor, judge and referee Anna Schloff, her husband and her four dogs Louie, Danny, Morgan and Lacey, all Labradors, are creating merry hell bouncing off the beds in the poky hotel room, which reeks of wet dog.
Above: canine freestyle in action, including (centre) the press- ups that clinched the prize for Mark and Ashley and WCFO founder Patie (right) showing us how it's done; Clockwise from left: Marlene and Bear - `Bear had his own ideas of moves but I told him to knock it off'; Theresa and Irish setter Caitlin scored highly; but Michael Jackson lookalikes Diane and Wes were disqualified; winners Mark and Ashley Clockwise from top left: the sailor-suited team before their synchronised routine to In the Navy; everyone orders steak at dinner but only eats about a third before cutting it into pieces: `Treats for the dogs,' explains Patie; the stars themselves; one brave performer decides to go down the Fred and Ginger route Top: Terrier Sonic's natural rhythm bags him a rosette.