WCGNWindy City Gay Naturists (Chicago, IL; nudist group)
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Chapter 4 engages with that aspect of the WCGN whereby writing centers are conceptualized as iconoclastic, entailing an idea of writing centers as different, as nontraditional, and as a haven for outsiders.
The chapter closes with a survey of extant approaches to writing center work (alternative approaches to tutoring and nontutoring activities in which centers engage) that fall outside the narrative of the WCGN, cautioning us against too narrowly defining our work, storying it in a way that ignores complexity in favor of telling an easily relatable story.
Grutsch McKinney points to the multiliteracy centers movement (Fleckenstein; Murphy & Hawkes) and the push towards centers for writing excellence (Isaacs) as the most relevant current challenges to the WCGN.