WCIPWave Concept Iterative Procedure (microwave theory)
WCIPWorld Council of Indigenous Peoples
WCIPWorkers Compensation Insurance Plan (various locations)
WCIPWeb Cache Invalidation Protocol (IETF internet protocol)
WCIPWielkopolskie Centrum Informacji Podatkowej (Polish: Greater Poland Tax Information Center)
WCIPWeapon Control Indicator Panel
WCIPWorld Climate Impacts Programme
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The years Smallface-Marule ran the WCIP out of the Lethbridge office were interesting ones for Tsuaki and her sisters.
In her WCIP work, Smallface-Marule saw the effects of greed as wealth was siphoned from Indigenous territories, reminders of the consequences of ignoring the knowledge that was already here before the newcomers came.
It leads to the presentation of the hybridization principle between the WCIP method and the FDTLM in Subsection 2.
The WCIP is adapted to homogeneous planar circuits and implies only line mesh in this case.
When hybrid method is considered, the media under the surface ([summation]) is discretized by the FDTLM (2D mesh of the whole lower media) while the upper media is always characterized by the WCIP operator.
where the exponents W and F stand for WCIP and FDTLM, the operator S contains the transmission/reflection conditions on ([summation]), and [([S.
The same study was performed between analytical solution and the WCIP alone and the error was of the order of the machine accuracy, which means that the WCIP is analytical in this case.
A comparison between the electric field and the electric current obtained with the WCIP alone (denoted by the index W) and with the hybrid method is presented as an analytical solution is not known in this particular case.
The 2D FDTLM node reformulated for hybridization with the WCIP is detailed in this paper in the TE and TM cases.
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