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WCITWorld Congress on Information Technology
WCITWashington Council on International Trade
WCITWho Can I Trust
WCITWorshipful Company of Information Technologists (City of London Livery Company)
WCITWater Contaminant Information Tool (US EPA)
WCITWorld Conference on International Telecommunication
WCITWharton Computing and Information Technology (Wharton School; University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA)
WCITWhat City Is This? (game)
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The three-day WCIT is being held along with the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum.
available for this dialogue and I welcome his assurances that he will increase civil society participation in the WCIT process," Mijatovic
I thank WCIT for all of their work in helping educate others about the importance of trade and for today's recognition.
As early as June 2012, The Wall Street Journal began featuring coverage of WCIT preparations in notably dubious terms.
Because the existing 24-year-old ITRs predated the Internet, one of the key policy questions in the WCIT was how and to what extent the updated ITRs should address Internet traffic and Internet governance.
The book's duteous archive of the back and forth between member states in the lead-up to and during the WCIT negotiations is a helpful reminder of how technocratic decision making can also be politically contentious.
A potential nationalisation of resource management aspects and intervention into net governance was put on the table by the Russian Federation during the WCIT in December last year.
It is therefore essential that the sector engages with state administrations in preparation for WCIT.
Por primera vez se invirtio en una representacion de Anadic al CIMO, presentacion de AnadicSoft en el WCIT, presentacion en Mexicali del CIAPEM apoyando a FORTIA, DIPROS, GRUPO SYS y MAERSA.
In December 2012, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) convened the WCIT in Dubai to open a 1988 treaty called the International Telecommunication Regulations.