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WCKWidget Construction Kit (software)
WCKWejherowskie Centrum Kultury (Polish: Wejherowski Cultural Center)
WCKWest Coast Kustoms (US)
WCKWorld Construction Kit (game development)
WCKWest Coast Kiteboarding (San Diego, CA)
WCKWorld Class Killers Clan (online gaming)
WCKWild Life Clubs of Kenya (Kenya)
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WCK purchased the property for $820,000 more than three years ago from Woodcrest Co.
The contribution of WCK to the taskforce focused on assessing the need for Framework for CIIP Risk Management in Europe and on providing the structural approach to the needed.
WCK LLC, led by Glenda Keenihan, acquired the Kennedy Ink and Sherwood Printing property at 4601 E.
Louis, Stix, Baer & Fuller built WCK in 1922, broadcasting its first program April 18 from 6:45 p.
We do know that WCK changed its call letters about this time to WSBF, reflecting the name of its owner.
WCK has developed WCK-Lancelot, a business-oriented, strategic solution to review and manage security risk and IT-GRC.
WCK as a partner will, in cooperation with BPS Resolver, provide integrated innovative solutions linking IT GRC risk management with the Enterprise risk management, enabling clients a consolidated view of the risk posture within their organization, taking into consideration the detailed technical risks in the IT layer and their implication on the Enterprise and its core business processes.
Together, the WCK and BPS Resolver can make our vision a reality," said Yael Nishry, VP of Global Business Development, White Cyber Knight Inc.
In terms of value, power and usability, partnering with WCK offers the best solution available to our joint customers," said Tricia Kelly, Director Global Alliances, BPS Resolver Inc.
WCK will allow the organization to improve effectiveness by improving compliance and risk management through a comprehensive risk management program and timely remediation actions on findings and issues.
The telecom biller evaluated a number of IT-GRC solutions and ultimately selected WCK because of the flexibility of its solution to fit the customer's specific processes, its asset based approach, its sophisticated risk engine and its unique reporting and dashboarding capabilities.