WCLIBWest Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (Portland, Oregon)
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Additional losses (Table 4) reflect adjustment measures to account for end-split meeting a C & Btr grade of millwork under WCLIB rules.
In the laboratory, the timbers were measured, visually graded by an employee of the WCLIB using the grade descriptions given by WCLIB (1996), and finally tested in static bending to determine MOE and MOR.
The lumber was purchased in Oregon and graded by West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB) staff using the criteria for Select Structural grade dimension lumber (Structural Joists & Planks) to minimize the number of naturally occurring defects.
Before drilling holes, the lumber was segregated in seven treatment groups of like modulus of elasticity (MOE) in edgewise bending on a portable bending test machine by WCLIB staff.
To date, several thousand pieces of full-size Douglas-fir lumber have been graded by WCLIB grading supervisors at deconstruction sites, several of which are decommissioned military bases, including the Twin Cities Army Arsenal in Minnesota; Ft.
The NLGA rules appear to be substantially equivalent to those of WCLIB [19].
The wood was then shipped under tarps to a sawmill where it was mechanically unstacked, planed, measured for MC, graded as stud lumber under West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB) rules, and tallied.
All four charges with an average MC greater than 11 percent had too many wet pieces to be acceptable as dry dimension lumber under the WCLIB grading rules.
After shipping the 8 by 8's to the FPL in Madison, Wis., the members were visually graded by a grading supervisor from the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB) according to Grading Rule No.
2 10 16.7 Utility 13 21.8 Reject 2 3.3 Total 60 100.0 (a.)Visual grades according to WCLIB grading rule 17.