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WCMDWind-Corrected Munitions Dispenser
WCMDWelsh College of Music and Drama (institution of higher education in Cardiff, Wales, UK)
WCMDWaste and Chemicals Management Division (US EPA)
WCMDWesterly Creek Metropolitan District (Colorado)
WCMDWildlife Conservation Management Department (Kenya Wildlife Services)
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WCMD was created simultaneously to provide property tax and other revenue to the district (pursuant to an intergovernmental agreement between the district and WCMD) in exchange for completion of infrastructure improvements by the district.
Will force the Air Force to renegotiate WCMD contract in a sole-source environment.
Our safety managers provide WCMD with the technical resources to comply with these requirements through inspection, in-house training, and emergency response.
The service area of the district and WCMD is ideally located in close proximity to downtown Denver, major transportation corridors, and Denver International Airport.
Considering that JDAM and WCMD are unpowered munitions, they offer some pretty good standoff range.
1 M over 18 months and includes work for WCMD, AGM-130, JDAM and JSOW.
A well-known vocal coach heard Adrian's powerful voice during rehearsals for a WCMD musical and encouraged him to do an audition for Sweeney Todd at the National Theatre in London.
The district and WCMD are located at the site of the former Stapleton International Airport which closed in 1995, and are part of Denver's Stapleton redevelopment project.
In PE Spiral 1, the Sniper XR and Litening AT pods will be integrated, along with the addition of all the hardware necessary to support the JDAM and the WCMD.
The trend to guided dispensers is illustrated by the inertially-guided (now plus GPS) Lockheed Martin WCMD (Wind-Corrected Munition Dispenser) tail kit for the ATK SUU-64/65/66 tactical munitions dispenser (TMD) family.
WCMD Early Music Department Stanwell Road Baptist Church, Penarth, Cardiff