WCMFWorld Creole Music Festival
WCMFWindsor Canadian Music Festival
WCMFWilkie Clark Memorial Foundation (Roanoke, AL)
WCMFWinchester and County Music Festival (UK)
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At WCMF, Mud entered a station where Dave "Kane-O" Kane may as well be permanently affixed to the midday mic: He's been holding the shift for 38 years.
It also helps that WCMF is "very promotionally oriented.
A local brewery had approached WCMF about creating three unique beers -- one for each of theBreak Roomhosts.
Their simulations predicted that total residue would be lost in the winter wheat-summer fallow and WCMF systems and only in the WCF system would the residue levels remain stable over time.
At millet planting at Sterling there was a trend for more total residues at planting time in the continuous cropping than in the WCMF system, although the standard deviation of the continuous cropping system was large.
all of Florida Morning Show: Joe Scott, Mornings on 96 K-Rock Host: Joe Scott Format: Talk Steve Normandin (Omelette) Hotline: 239-949-4628 Backup: 239-707-5468 6:30amPT WCMF, Rochester NY Format: Talk/Classic Rock Morning Show: Radio Free Wease Hosts: Brother WEASE, Tom, Sally & John Producer: Bill Moran Hotline: 585-232-6173 Backup: 585-222-6000 6:40amPT WTPT 93.