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WCMLWest Coast Main Line (UK railway line)
WCMLWorking Class Movement Library (UK)
WCMLWorld Congress on Medical Law (biannual conference)
WCMLWarren County Municipal League (Carlisle, OH)
WCMLWeill Cornell Medical Library (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
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For years, the WCML has had streams of visitors coming to consult its Spanish Civil War archive or to look at the protest crockery collection.
As for Coventry being the prime beneficiary of freezing up the WCML, it beggars belief.
The Parliamentary information shows eight of the 19 Train Operating Companies (TOCs) are being bailed out by the taxpayer because they and DfT have their sums wrong, including the operators of controversial WCML, Virgin West Coast.
He agreed with claims by the Office of Rail Regulation that Network Rail will be unable to deliver its punctuality targets for WCML operators for the current year.
From here it will follow Hallmeadow Road on the opposite side of the WCML and under Lavender Hall Lane, which will be taken over the HS2 line on a new bridge.
So what can it bring North Wales' railways now, in the case of the WCML - and in a few years' time to the Wales and Borders rail network?
Perhaps the change in mood is following the Department For Transports fiasco in relation to the franchising of the WCML.
The WCML is the busiest railway in Britain and is the backbone of our economy.
The hype surrounding the sour grapes of Sir Richard Branson losing the WCML franchise seems low on facts as to how poor Virgin rail are," he said.
This would give direct rail access via Thamesiink between the WCML at Northampton and St Pancras (for Eurostar), Farringdon (for Crossrail), and south-eastern destinations, all avoiding Euston.
Carol The new services will also boost capacity in the region by allowing more trains to bypass currently crowded sections of the WCML south of Birmingham.
Compared to Manchester and Birmingham, Liverpool has poorer services on the current WCML, which causes real concern on Merseyside.