WCOPAWorld Championships of Performing Arts
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Over the past year, he mentors the kids of WCOPA Team Philippines for free.
She also mentioned that WCOPA is the biggest event in the world among all such competitions, with contestants competing for the Gold Medal and over 50 countries participating.
Madela, who was also inducted to the WCOPA Hall of Fame two years ago, now serves as a mentor to members of the local team.
Asked what he thinks makes Filipinos a talented bunch, Madela explained: We are born entertainers We naturally turn to music, film, arts to express ourselves, said the 34-year-old singer, who was invited to open and close WCOPA 2015.
Ethan's father, Froilan proudly related how his son worked hard to get to WCOPA.
Ethan spent the last six months raising funds to be able to join the WCOPA, sharing how he sold candies and bottles, going on to do several fundraising concerts.
She made clear, "I've been managing talents before WCOPA because I believe that there many out there who have the innate ability to sing.
Jed Madela, the first Filipino to win the WCOPA world grand champion title in 2005, proudly announced the kid's victory by posting a photo of them together on Instagram last Saturday.
Jed Madela with Lloyd Montebon named WCOPA Junior Grand Champion Performer of the World (Instagram)