WCPMWorlds Children Peace Monument (Berea, Ohio)
WCPMWorld Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine
WCPMWest Coast Peninsular Malaysia
WCPMWest Coast Property Management (San Francisco, CA)
WCPMWorld Class Project Management
WCPMWords Correct per Minute (reading assessment method)
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s baseline score of 82 WCPM was at approximately the 10th percentile for a fifth grade student in winter according to aggregated norms provided by Aims Web (Pearson, 2010).
In order to measure WCPM and use data to make instructional decisions, CBM protocol for scoring oral reading fluency probes was utilized throughout the case study.
1 WCPM per week to achieve a post-intervention goal of 78 WCPM (7 WCPM increase from the 71 WCPM baseline).
The parent repeats steps 1-9 TABLE 3 Pre and Post Criterion Measures Pre WCPM Sight Flynt-Cooter Flynt-Cooter Word Oral Reading Comprehension Accuracy Student 1 69 114 Level 1 Level 1 Student 2 41 115 Level 1 Level 1 Students 55 114.
Percent ISA was calculated for each WCPM and reading comprehension using a point-by-point method, by dividing the number of agreements by the number of agreements plus disagreements, multiplied by 100.
WCPM was calculated by taking the total number of words read correctly in each paragraph or group of 10 words (i.
Given 16 weeks of supplemental online instruction, his WCPM changed visibly in both level and slope.
They can listen to and mark students recorded assessments at their convenience and get automatically generated WCPM and prosody scores.
First and second grade frustrational levels are defined as reading less than 40 WCPM and having more than 4 EPM; instructional level is reading 40 to 60 WCPM and having 4 or less EPM, and mastery level is reading more than 60 WCPM with 4 or less EPM.
Fluency Tutor then automatically generates WCPM (Words Correct Per Minute) and prosody scores.