WCPPEWelsh Centre for Post-Graduate Pharmaceutical Education (Cardiff University, UK)
WCPPEWelsh Centre of Pharmacy Professional Education
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On northfacing slopes the average biomass in dry mass of nine forb species was compared between plots inside and outside the WCPPE (Table 6).
After fitting the same regression models to data inside the WCPPE, however, we can evaluate the role of predation on fawn:female ratios.
The role of resources in mule deer population dynamics in the TBWA can be evaluated by inspecting results of the comparison of mule deer performance inside the WCPPE and outside of the enclosure.
The significantly higher percent body fat of mule deer inside the WCPPE than of mule deer outside the enclosure was influenced by the divergent values of MAXFAT observed in 2006 in relation to the first 2 y of the study.
The comparison of diet quality between mule deer inside and outside the WCPPE revealed differences in digestible energy but no apparent differences in crude protein contents of mule deer diets (measured as FN).
FN was not different between mule deer inside and outside the WCPPE and did not follow a clear pattern in relation to precipitation regimes.
If tannins are present in plants consumed by mule deer in the TBWA, there is no reason to believe there would be differences in the content of these secondary compounds inside and outside the WCPPE.
Fecal DAPA values from mule deer inside the WCPPE were significantly higher than from mule deer outside the enclosure.
There are no reasons to believe that the significantly higher content of fecal DAPA in mule deer inside the WCPPE is related to differences in vegetation.
Mule deer inside the WCPPE, free from the burden of external vigilance from predators, may concentrate on selecting flora with the highest content of easy to digest carbohydrates (i.
The comparison of frequency of occurrence of selected plant species between inside and outside the enclosure indicated no difference, suggesting that mule deer browsing did not change plant abundance of preferred forage species in the WCPPE in measurable amounts after 35 y of higher densities in relation to the rest of the TBWA.
when they later compared production of winter forbs inside and outside the WCPPE.