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WCPSWashington County Public Schools (Maryland)
WCPSWorkshop on Cyber-Physical Systems
WCPSWarangal Central Public School (Andhra Pradesh, India)
WCPSWorkforce Compensation and Performance Service (a component of OPM)
WCPSWing Code Processing System
WCPSWorld Confederation of Productivity Sciences (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
WCPSWest Coast Pet Supply (Santa Cruz, CA)
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In addition to the corrections that were made to the WCPS based on its original ways of coping, for this research, the instrument's items were reclassified into the 12 coping families proposed by Skinner et al.
The WCPS is a 5-item instrument designed to capture patient perceptions of caring practices, guided by factor analyzing through construct validity, 5 of the original 10 Caritas Processes of Watson's Theory.
WCPS = An independent variable resulting from division of wealth created, taken from the VAS, by the number of the shares of company i, at time t;
WCPS will be open for business by appointment only but according to the founder of WCPS appointments can be set seven days a week.
DTM Murad did a magnificent job as the master of ceremony for this year's WCPS.
I like WCPS when we have our treats EG Drayton Manor, discos.
Before purchasing FASTe, WCPS had acquired Performance Matters' web-based assessment and data management system in 2011.
Major Murad as the master of ceremony for this year's WCPS did a magnificent job.
Simulation results verify the MEAM numerical results and show that WPSS can significantly improve the network's performance compared to WCPS.
WCPS Quarterly: Newsletter of the Women's Caucus for Political Science 13(5): 7-8.
Warrantech is always on the lookout to find ways to provide our service partners and their customers with a higher level of service," said Joel San Antonio, CEO and president of Warrantech Corporation, the parent company of WCPS.