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WCPTWorld Confederation for Physical Therapy
WCPTWorld Congress on Particle Technology
WCPTWorld Congress of Physical Therapy (conference)
WCPTWest Coast Pro Trucks (racing)
WCPTWisconsin Congress of Parents and Teachers
WCPTWest Coast Pup and Trainer (dog contest)
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Accreditation of a physiotherapist professional entry level education programme gives a status to that programme demonstrating that it meets the international standard set by the WCPT.
The HEC or the WCPT can propose guidelines regarding curriculum and physical therapy practice but those guidelines can be implemented and ensured by a regulatory body, which unfortunately does not exist.
Dei 27 paesi europei membri della WCPT, 23 hanno partecipato al sondaggio da cui sono stati estrapolati i dati: in 12 paesi (52% dei partecipanti al sondaggio) l'AD e consentito dalla legislazione vigente o, in assenza di normativa, dal profilo professionale.
15) Recognizing the need to support CBR within the profession, WCPT also supports the development of CBR as a means of empowering people with disabilities to maximize their physical, mental and social abilities.
World Confederation for Physical Therapy "Declarations of Principle and Position Statements" (United Kingdom: WCPT Secretariat, July 1997).
WCPT is planning to convert the Channel building into a state-of-the-art high tech office building The company hopes to receive approvals by the end of this year and begin construction in early 2001.
The call for a commitment to evidence-based practice (EBP) in physical therapy has become more strident because providing evidence-based service to patients is considered a professional, moral and ethical obligation Ross (2004), Schreiber (2005), WCPT (2012).
Evidence Based Practice--An International Perspective Report of an Expert Meeting of WCPT Member Organisations 2001
La informacion que se presenta a continuacion es producto de una revision del perfil profesional a la luz de la WCPT, la APTA, la Ley 528 de 1999 y el planteamiento de las relexiones realizadas desde el programa de Fisioterapia de la Universidad del Rosario en torno al desempeno del fisioterapeuta en el campo de la AF.
A subgroup is being formed within the WCPT to serve as a forum for cardiopulmonary topics.
8 Mean [+ or -] SD ([degrees]C) Leprosy CPT WCPT Indeterminate 15.
Richard Previdi, president of WCPT, said, "Our corporate strategy is to acquire existing assets in infill locations and redevelop these properties into high quality, reasonably priced office buildings.