WCPUWoman and Child Protection Unit (Namibia)
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The hospital immediately assigned her as WCPU coordinator, her very first job at TMC when she joined in August of that year.
A small room intended as WCPU had been turned into a blood bank, as some areas of the hospital emergency room are under construction.
She attended a 4Rs training, but the pediatrician assigned to the WCPU never did, citing various excuses, Garcia said.
Three nurses and two social workers supposedly assigned to the WCPU have other roles in the hospital too.
Maria Divina Valerio, WCPU head of SLH since December 2015, said the unit has tallied 22 cases of abused children from 2016 up till March 2017, based on reports of checkups they have registered at patient admission or referrals from nearby hospitals.
Fabella's was located beside the emergency room of the hospital back in 2008, Razo said, but its emergency room needed widening, and the WCPU had been sacrificed.
Nelinda Pangilinan, head of the Obstetrics-Gynecology (OB-Gyn) Department, which supervises the WCPU.
Today, WCPUs are beset with inadequate facilities and equipment and a lack of officers with proper training to handle abuse cases or issue medico-legal forms.