WCQWorld Cup Qualifier (sports)
WCQWays of Coping Questionnaire
WCQWest Coast Quartz (Fremont, California)
WCQWorld Conflict Quarterly
WCQWorthing Chemotherapy Questionnaire (patient survey)
WCQWorld Class Quality Pty. Ltd. (consulting firm; Australia)
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Two groups did not have a meaningful difference in the mean of total ways of coping, all 8 types of coping, and two subscales of the (emotional coping and problem solving coping) of the WCQ.
These studies started a long history of inconsistency in the structural composition of the WCQ identified via factoring or other dimension reduction techniques (e.
This can result in the improvement of the WCQ to a level higher than 33.
The reliability of the WCQ as measured by Cronbach's coefficient alpha produces scores ranging from .
During the interview, the participants answered the questionnaire, the BDI, WCQ and SRRS forms.
Table 1: Mean and standard deviations Standard Instrument Score Mean deviation WCQ Acting 1.
Abbreviations: BHS = Beck Hopelessness Scale, ISMIS = Internalized Stigma of Mental Illness Scale, MAQ = Multidimensional Anxiety Questionnaire, PANSS = Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale, SCID = Structured Clinical Interview for the Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV, VAMC = Department of Veterans Affairs medical center, WCQ = Ways of Coping Questionnaire.
El instrumento mas empleado ha sido el WCQ (Ways of Coping Questionnaire) en 9 de los 23 estudios, disenado para poblacion general y que registra diferentes formas, cognitivas y comportamentales, de afrontar un estresor.
For the WCQ a second order measurement model was tested with eight factors: planful problem solving (PPS), positive reappraisal (PR), seeking social support (SS) self-controlling (SC), confrontive coping (C), distancing (D), accepting responsibility (AR) and escape avoidance (EA).
Folkman and colleagues (1992) used a shortened version of the WCQ with a sample of nonmonogamous gay and bisexual men regardless of their serostatus.