WCRAWest Coast Railway Association
WCRAWashington Community Reinvestment Association
WCRAWestern Canadian Romani Alliance (Canada)
WCRAWisconsin Court Reporters Association
WCRAWashington Cartridge Recyclers Association
WCRAWorkers Compensation Reimbursement Amount
WCRAWorkers Compensation Reinsurance Administration
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11) Olmsted, himself a literary man in addition to his supervisory work in designing New York's Central Park, took up his pen in cooperation with the WCRA and the White House to write a circular on behalf of the newly formed Sanitary Commission, addressed to the "Loyal Women of America" in October 1861 (91).
Although it would take the poet some time to act on his brother's advice, Jeff had in fact recognized a truth about fundraising that the leadership of the WCRA had discovered in the early years of the war.
After the USSC assumed the authority once exercised by the WCRA, Mrs.
Carl Cummins, acting WCRA president, said that the association is able to reduce its rates because they are based solely on the workers' compensation claims experience of Minnesota employers.
Cummins noted that one of the reasons the WCRA was formed was to ensure the reliable availability of workers' compensation reinsurance in the state.
The WCRA also announced that it will continue to provide reinsurance coverage for any future terrorism losses.
According to state law, the WCRA is required to provide 100 percent indemnification for losses sustained by its members in each loss occurrence in excess of the retention limit selected by each member.
Financial institutions in the state pooled $75 million in February of 1992 to create WCRA to provide permanent financing for affordable, low income, multi-family rental housing projects in Washington.
The lenders who support the WCRA demonstrate the truest spirit of the Community Reinvestment Act through their cooperation in bringing the expanded resources of a consortium to the communities they serve," said WCRA President Judy Reed.
At the annual meeting, Karen McCormick, senior vice president of First Federal of Port Angeles, was elected chair of the WCRA board and David Thatcher, senior vice president of Key Bank of Washington, was elected vice chairman.