WCRLWestern Cotton Research Laboratory (USDA Agricultural Research Service; Phoenix, AZ)
WCRLWorld Council of Religious Leaders
WCRLWestern Counties Regional Library (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)
WCRLWireless Communications Research Laboratory
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Despite these reservations, WCRL is a very good book, well worth reading by both theists and non-theists for its thoughtful consideration of difficult and contentious issues.
Fishing times for WCRL will be from 08h00 until 16h00 and the bag limit is four per person per day and the size restriction is 80 millimetres carapace length.
No person catching WCRL with a recreational fishing permit may sell his/her catch and any WCRL caught, collected or transported must be kept in a whole state.
A maximum of 20 WCRL s may be transported per day on condition that all the persons who caught such WCRL s are present in the vehicle, vessel or aircraft during transportation and that such persons are in possession of WCRL recreational fishing permits.
The department argues in a statement triggered by the WWF announcement that the sustainable status of the WCRL resource has consistently remained at around 3.
The department and the WCRL industry have also committed themselves to a resource recovery plan developed by our countries leading marine science academics in consultation with the WWF to rebuild the exploitable male component of the WCRL resource to 35% above its 2006 level by 2021.