WCRMWest Coast Route Modernisation (UK)
WCRMWestern Cultural Resource Management (est. 1978)
WCRMWest Coast Regional Meet (Fortuna, CA)
WCRMWireless Customer Relationship Management
WCRMWorld Congress for Regenerative Medicine
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Because these readings are used for screening prospective mediums and not for data collection and due to time and personnel limitations, individual item scoring is not used in WCRM screening test readings.
Upon completing all eight screening steps, and with his or her permission, each WCRM is listed on the Windbridge website (http://www.
After finishing the questionnaire, prospective WCRMs then complete three standard personality tests (Step 2): the NEO Personality Inventory (NEO PI-R), the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Tellegen Absorption Scale.
Proof House Alliance comprised Railtrack WCRM (Client), Carillion (Principal Contractor) and WS Atkins (designer and signalling contractor).
WCRM general manager Mr Tony Fletcher said: 'The alliance will break new ground in the way track works are carried out in the UK.
The West Coast Main Line is the most important route on Britain's rail network and the WCRM Project is scheduled to deliver 125 mph train speeds, reduce journey times, and significantly increase capacity over this route by 2004.