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WCROWar Crimes Research Office (Washington College of Law)
WCROWest Coast Regional Office
WCROWarwickshire County Record Office (UK)
WCROWest Coast Recyclers Organization (Las Vegas, Nevada)
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For example, the American University Washington College of Law's WCRO suggests that the limited budget has been driven by the prosecutor's "small team" approach to investigations and recommends that "the OTP may want to reconsider its small team approach and recruit more investigators.
The WCRO notes in its report that the OTP has approximately forty-four investigators, and that there were at most twelve investigators assigned to the Lubanga case (which is, in fact, a typical number of investigators assigned to a case).
See also WCRO Report, above n 3, 2, 8; Sam Garkawe, 'Victims and the International Criminal Court: Three Major Issues' (2003) 4 International Criminal Law Review 345-46.