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WCSTWisconsin Card Sorting Test
WCSTWildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania (est. 1988; Tanzania)
WCSTWashington County Scholarship Trust (Florida)
WCSTWindham Center Stage Theater (est. 1974; Windham, ME)
WCSTWest Coast Sports Training (California)
WCSTWaukesha County Department of Senior Services Specialized Transportation
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ANCOVA was used to compare the OCD-H and OCD-L subgroups in each normally distributed WCST groups, and potential covariance was controlled.
The WCST assesses cognitive flexibility and set-shifting abilities, which are evaluated by a number of trials, total errors, perseverative responses, perseverative errors, non-perseverative errors, completed categories and a failure to maintain the set (16).
Despite the negative correlation found between some items of the negative subscale of the PANSS related with abstract and stereotyped thought and the index of self-certainty and the composite index of the BCIS, the scarce specificity of the said items and the results of the WCST do not support the hypothesis of Riggs (2012), in the sense that the rigidity of thought would influence the capacity to accept one's own certainties.
Cognitive functioning was measured by the WCST. Participants with ECG and PPG sensors equipped were seated in front of a computer and were instructed as little as possible throughout the test.
Several facets of executive functioning according to Chan [2] have been measured as follows: response inhibition (Stroop color-word test), working memory (digital span test in WISC-IV and spatial span, spatial working memory tests in CANTAB ), mental flexibility (WCST), planning and action monitoring (stocks of Cambridge tests in CANTAB).
In exchange for the issued and outstanding stock, WCST will receive consideration of RMB 100m (approximately USD 14.75m at current exchange rates) in a combination of cash and publicly traded stock to be paid to WCST within one year of closing.
With a focus on 'BASE' technology and infrastructure (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Supply Chain & Exchanges) to power our V PaaS (Virtual Platform as a Service), WCST is creating a closed trade ecosystem for buyers and sellers designed to eliminate supply chain and transactional middlemen and create a more direct and margin-expanding trading path for principals.
Measures of central tendency of ADI-R and WCST scores in pre- and posttest were obtained in order to describe the whole group (ten subjects) in both conditions.
Previous studies have reported on the appearance of alterations in tasks that assess executive brain functions, such as verbal fluency [20], Trail Making Test (TMT-B), Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST), Stroop [19], Theory of Mind [21,22], and timing deficits [23].
The psychotic symptoms and executive performance were assessed with Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) and Wisconsin card sorting test (WCST).