WCTAWest Central Telephone Association
WCTAWestmoreland County Transit Authority
WCTAWestern Canada Turfgrass Association
WCTAWinnebago Cooperative Telephone Association
WCTAWorst Case Tolerance Analysis
WCTAWorking Capital to Total Assets
WCTAWashoe County Teachers Association
WCTAWestfield Classroom Teachers Association (Indiana)
WCTAWest Coast Timing Association
WCTAWaterloo Classroom Teacher Association
WCTAWhen Cute Things Attack
WCTAWorld Championship Tecmo Association
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These ratios are net income to total assets (NITA), retained earnings to total assets (RETA), EBIT to total assets (ETA), current assets to current liabilities (CATL), working capital to total assets (WCTA), total liabilities to total asset (TLTA), cash flow from operations to total liabilities (CFOTL), and cash flow from operations to sales (CFOS).
where SIZE is the log of total assets to GNP Price-level index ratio; TLTA is the total liabilities to total assets ratio; WCTA is the working capital to total assets ratio; CLCA is the current liabilities to current assets ratio; NITA is the net income to total assets ratio; FUTL is the funds from operations to total liabilities ratio; INTWO is equal to one in net income is negative in the previous 2 years or zero otherwise; OENEG is equal to one if total liabilities are greater than total assets or zero otherwise; CHIN = [[NI.sub.t] - [NI.sub.t-1]/ [absolute value of ([NI.sub.t])] - [absolute value of ([NI.sub.t-1])], where [NI.sub.t] is the net income for year t.
It is positively related to the variables EBITTA, ROA, zscore, WCTA, [DELTA]WCTA It is also negatively related to the variables TLTA and [DALTA]TLTA.
Both WCTA and Breda have won Iowa Broadband Stimulus awards and are moving Fiber Forward in their networks in rural communities to bring extremely fast broadband services to their subscribers.
WCTA is always looking for ways to increase revenues, diversify product offerings and stay on top of trends to ensure a strong future in the marketplace for its members and the company.
Adrian Clarke, of the WCTA, said: 'We would be looking at the idea of a unit of around about 50 people but obviously we'd be looking to explore that further.
The prize included having the garments or items produced by the WCTA's manufacturing unit in Caernarfon.
As part of their award ceremony the winners were also surprised by having their designs made up into actual garments by the WCTA's production unit in Caernarfon.
Following extensive research, WCTA developed a wind- and solar-powered system that can provide remote backup power to its telephone system nodes when the grid power is out.
helping them find solutions when a project comes up." WCTA is a member of local economic development councils in its service area, and several of its employees serve on their boards.
Z = 1/ [1 + exp - (a + [b.sub.1] TLTA + [b.sub.2] WCTA + [b.sub.3] CLCA + [b.sub.4] OENEG + [b.sub.5] NITA + [b.sub.6] FUTL + [b.sub.7] INTWO + [b.sub.8] CHIN)]
The WCTA is keen to forge similar alliances with other EU states.