WCTOHWorld Conference on Tobacco or Health
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ae1/4A Dr Wael A Al Mahmeed, WCTOH Conference president, said: "The conference's theme of tobacco use and its impact on the prevalence of NCDs reflects the need to find solutions to the challenges we face in this area.
WCTOH is offering more than 400 scholarships to attend the conference to delegates from low- and middle-income countries, including Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia and Pakistan.
ae1/4A The American Cancer Society's Luther L Terry Awards (named for the late US Surgeon General, Luther L Terry, MD, whose ground-breaking work established the foundation for public health scrutiny of the dangers of tobacco use) will also be presented every three years in conjunction with the WCTOH.
The WCTOH will mark its Middle East debut at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) in March 2015, when the five-day conference will convene 3,000 specialists from governmental and non-governmental organisations collaborating on medical, public health, and public policy agendas related to global tobacco control.
Previous WCTOH events have been held in Helsinki, Finland (2003); Washington DC (2006); Mumbai, India (2009); and Singapore, which concluded hosting the 15th summit last month.
Abu Dhabi was selected to host the WCTOH by the unanimous decision of the International Liaison Group on Tobacco or Health (ILGTH), fending off rival bids from seven other countries.
two-thirds of them have taken some steps to prevent tobacco industry interference since WCTOH 2012 - an increase of 14% since 2012" informed Matthew Allen, lead author of "Article 5.
Not surprisingly, Nepal was also awarded the prestigious Bloomberg Award at WCTOH 2015.
Making the conference accessible to developing countries is a crucial goal of the WCTOH.
At the 15th WCTOH in Singapore last month, US billionaire Michael Bloomberg committed an additional US$220 million towards reducing tobacco use in low- and middle-income countries, which are home to hundreds of millions of smokers.