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WCTUWoman's Christian Temperance Union (since 1874)
WCTUWales Cancer Trials Unit (UK)
WCTUWhite City Terminal Utility (railroad; White City, OR)
WCTUWashington Council of Trout Unlimited (est. 1958; Issaquah, WA)
WCTUWorld Confederation of Trade Unions
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In her chapter on penal reform, Haley discusses the anti-convict leasing campaigns of the National Association for Colored Women (NACW) and Black clubwomen's organizations in contrast to the WCTU. She records the emergent and competing contradictions of class struggle within Black communities.
The most detailed Prohibition endorsement came from Silena Holman, president of the Tennessee WCTU. Holman expressed a belief on behalf of the state group that the Hooper administration would bring "prosperity and happiness" and end "the reign of lawlessness and anarchy." (16) She then referred to the national organization's president, who mentioned the governor's election in her recent address to an audience in Baltimore.
In addition to keeping busy with her writing career, she continued her church work as a member of Newport's Congregational Church and served as secretary to both the New Hampshire Woman's Board of Missions and her local chapter of the WCTU. Obituaries indicate she was a minor celebrity, describing her as "the well-known authoress" ("Death"), "the well-known temperance story-book author" ("About Women" 270), and "the well-known author of temperance and Sunday school books" ("News from Churches" 224).
Our data consisted of a range of materials pertaining to the WCTU and the NCW, including newspapers and magazines, pamphlets, meeting minutes, and internal and external correspondence; in addition to this, we gathered material from a range of publications associated with labor issues and the working-class, including labor newspapers with national and provincial circulations, as well as union materials from female-dominated professions of the time.
Barwick highlights Wang Liming's thirty years of service in the WCTU and her commitment to serving women and transforming the traditional family structure.
Errors in the use of acronyms also occur: "WCTU" is listed in the section on the Women's Trade Union League (should be "WTUL"), and the FSM (Free Speech Movement) is listed as "FSW." With the errors corrected and the text edited, this book could serve as a good general survey for senior high or undergraduate students and general readers.
In one of the oddest alliances in history, some of the scoundrels who had run afoul of Captain Healy teamed up with the WCTU to get him disciplined.
Morrow, of the WCTU, used the same strategy in the January
Though Russia was hardly a mission field, evangelicals and especially temperance leaders were acutely aware of Leo Tolstoy's promotion of a Christian ascetic life, and, once the great novelist publicized the famine in 1891, it was the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) that took the famine relief lead.
(87) In May 1926 the Joint Committee's founding clubs created a permanent body called the "Joint Committee of Shanghai Women's Organizations." In addition to its original members the committee grew to include the Dutch, German, and Portuguese women's clubs; the American Association of University Women; the Chinese Women's Suffrage Association; the Foreign YWCA; and the WCTU. (88) According to their constitution they sought to "foster, in all ways possible, friendly international understanding, to aid in civic movements, and to promote the welfare of women and children of all nationals in Shanghai." Two of its first acts were to write a history of the child labor campaign and to create a child labor subcommittee.
On one end, in 1876, the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) formed an International Women's Temperance Union in conjunction with the Philadelphia Centennial International Exhibition.
Morris Sheppard, Carrie Nation, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), and Al Capone played instrumental roles.