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WCVWorkstation Configuration Variable
WCVWildlife Center of Virginia (est. 1982; Waynesboro, VA)
WCVWhole-Cell Vaccine
WCVWafer Check Valve (pipeline development)
WCVWeb Content Viewer (software)
WCVWorkshop on Computer Vision (conference)
WCVWorst Case Value
WCVWaypoint Closing Velocity (navigation)
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"Across patients of different races and with different insurance types, WCVs at 15 months, 18 months, and at four years were the most commonly missed," the authors write.
Furthermore, WIC infants have more WCVs, are more likely to meet the AAP recommendation for well visits, are more likely to be vaccinated, and receive a higher number of vaccines.
In addition, the WCV employed in our paper is assumed to have enough energy or say, to have been refueled so that it is capable of implementing charging tasks and traveling.
Indeed, a single oral dose with 2.5 mg of CTB was equally effective as clinical cholera in eliciting antitoxic IgA responses locally in the intestine of adult Bangladeshis, and two oral doses of 5 x [10.sup.10] killed WCV induced comparable antibacterial immune responses in intestine as in clinical cholera5.
We tested our main hypothesis (that children in Medicaid pairs would be more likely to have a WCV than children in mixed pairs, all else equal) using an F-test.
Rhona Swan and Michaela Hogg won the confined class and the WCV walk squad were first with their witches theme.
and marker locus 3 4 S19([dagger]) S9([double Type Cultivars Pgi-1 dagger]) Mal-1 Indica cms([dagger]) ([dagger]) IR58025A 1 2 IR62829A 1 2 Maintainers IR58025B 1 2 IR62829B 1 2 Testers Indica IR36 1 2 Indica WCV(##) Dular 2 1 Japonica WCV Nekken 2 2 1 Chromosome no.
WCV's horses and lungers also helped international competitiors to success.
These factors include waning immunity (exacerbated by the change from WCVs to ACVs and, in Australia, cessation of the booster vaccination at 18 months of age) and increased use of more sensitive diagnostic tests, such PCR (4).
Prevalence trends of the 4 most common MTs were analyzed for 3 periods determined by vaccine type(s) in use: WCV (prior to 1997), the transition period of both WCV and ACV (1997-1999), and ACV only (2000 onward) (Figure 1).
Wansbeck Council is piloting the concept in Northumberland in association with the Wansbeck Initiative and the Wansbeck Centre for Voluntary Service (WCVS).
Application forms are available from the WCVS from December 1 by calling (01670) 858 688.