WCVBWarren County Visitors Bureau (Pennsylvania)
WCVBWrangell Convention and Visitor Bureau (Wrangell, AK)
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Another story referred to the "culture'' of Worcester, the "sense'' of which WCVB suggested could be seen --by visiting South High Community School.
Boston is one of the top markets in the US, and as a leader in this area WCVB has proven to be a driving force in showing the broadcast industry where it needs to go," said Michael Kokernak, co-CEO and the primary inventor of the system.
You definitely know that there's alcohol in it," Max Pendolari, who manages a liquor store in Boston told local television station WCVB.
They really do a good job covering New Hampshire," says Candy Altman, news director at the dominant Boston station, WCVB.
Some of the stations included in the agreement are Boston's ABC affiliate WCVB (TheBostonChannel.
This time, the folks from WCVB Channel 5 Boston brought their cameras out and went inside Dixie Elixirs facility in Denver to see what the future of medical cannabis is like.
The first local Boston media outlet to partner with cMarket, WCVB will now offer non-profits in its viewing audience--from small grassroots organizations to New England chapters of large charities--the service and instruction to run their own online auctions, powered by cMarket's versatile service.
He was a generous mentor and sincere friend to so many here at WCVB,'' said Bill Fine, the president and general manger of the station where for decades Curtis and former wife Natalie Jacobson formed a news desk team known as ''Chet and Nat'' that ruled the Boston market ratings wars.
a leading provider of digital video editing and compositing systems today announced that it was recently selected by Hearst-Argyle Television to revamp WCVB Channel 5 Boston's postproduction department with their new state-of-the-art graphics workflow technology.
html) local news station WCVB, Stoughton police say that they responded to a call reporting a disturbance at Club Luis de Camoes at 76 Porter St.
We, at Broadway Gourmet, were honored when asked to participate in tonight's book signing at WCVB studios.
Although the Associated Press provided few details, it reported via WCVB.