WCVIWilliam C. Velasquez Institute (San Antonio, Texas)
WCVIWest Coast of Vancouver Island (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
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For example, the biomass available in the WCVI shrimp trawl survey was based on the density observed in the tows conducted during the WCVI groundfish survey, within the area covered by the shrimp survey.
Three of six records from NC and 21 of 53 sites on WCVI were reported as abundant.
They are far from uniform in their preferences for immigration reform: When the WCVI interviewed 1,320 Latinos nationwide as they exited polls in 2006, fewer than half said allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the U.
Among the nine surveyed locations in WCVI, four have been affected by sea otter predation (Table 1).
WCVI is a nonpartisan Latino public policy and research institute that examines Latino electoral and opinion trends.
WCVI conducted opinion polls to measure Latino voter opinion in the city of Los Angeles in response to the upcoming Charter Reform election.
Our survey was conducted among voters that form opinions late and typically have low rates of participation in local elections," said Robert Aguinaga, WCVI Research Director.
In determining the results for the presidential race, the WCVI exit survey interviewed 943 respondents in 41 precincts across 11 states on Election Day.
WCVI president Antonio Gonzalez will reveal the institute's final figures.
Latinos registered to vote and cast their votes in record numbers this presidential election," said Antonio Gonzalez, president of WCVI.
Looking at a select number of Congressional races around the country, the WCVI exit survey found that Latinos preferred democratic candidates over their republican counterparts by a margin of 67.
In determining the results for the presidential race, the WCVI exit survey interviewed 1147 respondents in 45 precincts across nine counties on Election Day.