WCVIWilliam C. Velasquez Institute (San Antonio, Texas)
WCVIWest Coast of Vancouver Island (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
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For surveys other than the reference survey (e.g., for bocaccio in the West coast of Vancouver Island (WCVI) shrimp survey, Queen Charlotte Sound (QCS) shrimp survey, and U.S.
triennial survey and the two shrimp surveys are contained within the WCVI and QCS groundfish surveys (Fig.
triennial and the WCVI shrimp trawl estimates first had to be altered by the ratio of wingspread to doorspread ([a.sub.8,n]).
comm.) Oysters sampled on WCVI in June and July may not have matured yet, particularly if the spring weather and water temperatures were cooler than average.
They are far from uniform in their preferences for immigration reform: When the WCVI interviewed 1,320 Latinos nationwide as they exited polls in 2006, fewer than half said allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S.
When WCVI 2006 exit poll interviewers asked Latino voters which one issue mattered most in deciding how they voted for Congress or the Senate, the issue most cited was economy/jobs at 19.6 percent, closely followed by education (17.8 percent) and the Iraq war (17.7 percent).
(54) See CA Latino Vote in the 2000 Presidential Election: Profile by Candidate, WCVI.ORG, Winter 2000, at 4, (giving the demographic breakdown of Latino voters who responded to the survey by, for example, gender, age, household, education), available at http://www.wcvi.org/files/pdf/00_ca_newsletter.pdf (last accessed Oct.
The data comes from the WCVI 2000 California Latino Voter Survey.
Among the nine surveyed locations in WCVI, four have been affected by sea otter predation (Table 1).
Among the five geographic regions, average recruitment rates are the highest in the North Coast (NC) and Central Coast (CC), intermediate in Queen Charlotte Islands (QCI) and West Coast Vancouver Island (WCVI), and the lowest in Georgia Basin (GB) (Fig.
SOG = Strait of Georgia; WCVI = west coast of Vancouver Island: NBC = northern British Columbia.