WCVIWilliam C. Velasquez Institute (San Antonio, Texas)
WCVIWest Coast of Vancouver Island (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
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triennial survey and the two shrimp surveys are contained within the WCVI and QCS groundfish surveys (Fig.
triennial and the WCVI shrimp trawl estimates first had to be altered by the ratio of wingspread to doorspread ([a.
The shrimp and groundfish survey gears were applied in the same years in the survey area of the WCVI shrimp survey and the QCS shrimp survey.
Oysters sampled on WCVI in June and July may not have matured yet, particularly if the spring weather and water temperatures were cooler than average.
When WCVI 2006 exit poll interviewers asked Latino voters which one issue mattered most in deciding how they voted for Congress or the Senate, the issue most cited was economy/jobs at 19.
53) Details on the survey methodology are in Methodology: WCVI 2000 Exit Poll & Turnout Study, WCVI.
54) See CA Latino Vote in the 2000 Presidential Election: Profile by Candidate, WCVI.
Among the nine surveyed locations in WCVI, four have been affected by sea otter predation (Table 1).
Recruitment patterns in NC, CC and QCI generally conform to the overall pattern for the entire coast whereas recruitment patterns in WCVI and GB lack the highest peak around 1950 (Fig.
WCVI is a nonpartisan Latino public policy and research institute that examines Latino electoral and opinion trends.
WCVI conducted opinion polls to measure Latino voter opinion in the city of Los Angeles in response to the upcoming Charter Reform election.
WCVI pollsters interviewed 517 Latino registered voters throughout the city of Los Angeles.