WCVTWaitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom
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"This is a huge milestone for our customers, our company and the communities we serve," said Gregg Haskin, WCVT president/CEO.
Bill Fogg, network planner for WCVT concurred, adding, "This is a big achievement for us, and a lot of people helped make this happen.
WCVT began deploying broadband Internet services in 1999, and has continued to invest significant dollars in the local telecommunications infrastructure to make high-speed Internet access available throughout its rural service area.
We particularly enjoyed the words of reflection from WCVT's President and CEO Eleanor Haskin.
The highlight of the day was WCVT's museum, which traced by decade the early beginnings of both the company and telecom industry from the early 1900s up until today.
WCVT was represented by Gregg Haskin, president and chief executive officer; Roger Nishi, vice president of industry relations; and Kurt Gruendling, vice president of marketing and business development, and also a board member of the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce.
By converting its email system to the Google platform, WCVT has been able to offer customers the full suite of Google's cloud-based services, which increases the value of broadband for them.
To give employees firsthand experience with fiber so they could talk about it with those in their community, WCVT trained employees on splicing and ONT installation, generating excitement and enthusiasm on the team.
Each year WCVT conducts an online customer satisfaction survey targeted at our Internet customers.
WCVT conducts an annual residential customer satisfaction survey, as well as a business customer satisfaction survey.
WCVT checks in on new broadband users through an online survey.
WCVT's Gruendling said that his company also holds Internet classes, and he noted that as consumers become savvier, it gets easier and easier.