WCWCWestern Canada Wilderness Committee
WCWCWalkerton Clean Water Centre (Walkerton, Ontario, Canada)
WCWCWest Coast Waterfront Coalition (USA)
WCWCWorkout Club and Wellness Center (New Hampshire)
WCWCWest Central Wisconsin Consortium
WCWCWest Coast Wrestling Connection
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WCWC promotes wildlife conservation that has long been central to Mims Distributing's charitable efforts.
October 2, 2002 The WCWC sends an open letter to President Bush citing the mounting economic effect and urging him to "use all means necessary to bring an end to the shutdown of West Coast ports" (Lanier 2002).
They specifically referred to the British Columbia Supreme Court's decision in WCWC (143) as "absolute authority for the proposition that laws do not exist in Canada which protect the species from extirpation caused by logging in its habitat." (144)
Diafullah the Butcher (top) wrestles his opponent, Michael Shaun, into the ropes during the opening match of the WCWC event in Eugene.
OFFICE OF THE INFORMATION AND PRIVACY COMMISSIONER 1996 'INQUIRY RE: a decision by the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks to withhold digital map data from the Western Canada Wilderness Committee (WCWC)' Order no.
Adriane Carr announced that WCWC would purchase part of the first IFR log.
On Wednesday morning, WCWC campaign coordinator Joe Foy received a desperate satellite-phone call from James Jamieson, the group's Millennium Tree Survey camp coordinator.
WCWC even had a bullet sent by mail to its Vancouver headquarters.
The Times has opened its doors to Garth Lenz of FOCS, and Misty MacDuffee of WCWC. (Her group travelled with a 10,000-pound red cedar stump--and parked it opposite the Times building.) Times Vice President of Forest Products Stephen Golden, who met the protesters, defended Mac-Millan Bloedel's environmental record, adding that the Times would not do business with a company that broke environmental laws.
'We will provide police personnel in all areas where the WCWC delegates will be playing, staying and even roaming around, including the malls which the delegates are likely to visit,' said Apolinario.
WCWC has published 80,000 copies of a 4-page newspaper entitled Bears Need More Protection Now!, which explains why the group is concentrating its efforts on bear conservation.
Some members and directors of Western Canada Wilderness Committee (WCWC) initially called for action, but later withdrew their support, leaving holes in logistics, planning and back-up support.