WCWGAWestern Canadian Wheat Growers Association
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Ledger, who treasures a photo of herself and the legend together at an exhibition tournament from the late 1940s at Wachusett Country Club, captured the prestigious WCWGA championship at Wachusett in 1957.
Although its roots were established in the 1930s, the WCWGA was officially founded in 1945 under the leadership of Ann Brennan and Alice Cosgrove.
Today, she's back to work on the golf course in quest of her first WCWGA Championship.
(2) Jackie Stratton hits an approach shot to the 16th green during yesterday's WCWGA Championship at Gardner Municipal Golf Course.
The WCWGA awards the Ginny Fay Trophy each year to the golfer with the lowest average score.
She played in the 1945 WCWGA championship at Oak Hill CC when Fay placed third by 11 strokes after taking 44 putts.
Ledger also won the WCWGA championship at Wachusett CC in 1957.
Green Hill golf pro Walter Cosgrove, his wife Alice and Green Hill member Anne Brennan started the WCWGA 65 years ago.
"It's becoming an older league," WCWGA president Wendy Moffat of Holden Hills CC said.
WCWGA membership increased recently to cover the cost of printing the association's handbooks, but it's still only $15 a year.
Three women dominated the WCWGA. Florence McClusky, daughter of the former Worcester CC head pro Willie Ogg, won the association championship 17 times from 1945 to1972.
Coughlin, 48, of Worcester defeated Chris Gagner of Bedrock in a playoff last year at Green Hill to repeat as WCWGA champion.