WCXWord Excel Activex
WCXWorking Certificate Excellent
WCXWeak Cation Exchange (chemistry)
WCXWorking Certificate Excellent (performance certificate for hunting dog)
WCXWilliams Creek Explorations (est. 1947; Canada)
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Organizations such as the Western High Speed Rail Alliance and the WCX focus on regional infrastructure challenges.
We used 10 samples from each group to select appropriate magnetic particles; finally WCX was chosen to fractionate samples, following manufacturers' instructions through a standard protocol (ClinProt™, Bruker Daltonics, USA).
To mimic WCX2 chemistry, a solid-phase extraction (SPE) was performed with the BALF using a WCX resin, Biosepra CM Ceramic HyperD F (Pall Corp., East Hills, NY).
We prepared samples as described previously (5, 26), with 100 [micro]L patient sample mixed with 100 [micro]L of 10 mmol/L ammonium phosphate buffer containing deuterated internal standards before being loaded onto an Oasis WCX [micro]Elution 96-well SPE plate.
Many dog show folks wanted to demonstrate the working ability of their stock in a less challenging program than field trials, so each of the retriever national breed clubs designed breed-specific non-competitive (pass/fail) working certificate (or working dog) tests, with after-the-name titles (WC, WCX, WD, WDX, WDQ) so the successful dogs' pedigrees would indicate their field ability.
The Working Certificate Excellent Test (WCX) is a more difficult examination of a dog's skill when retrieving more birds at greater distances with double marks.
We compared hepcidin concentrations measured by using these novel methods with concentrations measured with our previously described weak cation exchange (WCX)-TOF-MS assay (10,18) in 186 samples from patients with different iron metabolism disorders and 23 healthy controls.
Oasis Weak Cation Exchange (WCX) and Oasis Weak Anion Exchange (WAX) sorbents are sample preparation products that improve the recovery of strong acidic and basic compounds in drug metabolism, ADME and toxicology laboratories.
The latter awards a Working Certificate (WC) or Working Certificate Excellent (WCX) to goldens that perform adequately in GRCA field tests.
Most changes within MS spectra occurred after a storage time of 4 h at room temperature in serum samples, regardless of the MBs (WCX, HIC-C8, and IMAC-Cu) used for sample processing (Table 1).
The weakly cationic exchange chip (WCX) gave the best results with mass spectra from 0 to 200 kDa.