WCXWeak Cation Exchange (chemistry)
WCXWorking Certificate Excellent (performance certificate for hunting dog)
WCXWilliams Creek Explorations (est. 1947; Canada)
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2) illustrate these observations by showing that, for patients with isoforms, the relative difference between the c-ELISA and WCX TOF-MS was higher when plotted for WCX-TOF-MS hepcidin-25 (Fig.
These 2 standards were found to have identical binding characteristics to the surface of the WCX beads.
To identify these proteins, we fractionated BALF from rats 24 hr postexposure by SPE using a WCX resin with subsequent denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE).
The WCX extraction addresses both of these by reducing the concentration of the most abundant protein (albumin) and reducing the total number of proteins present.
The ability to handle encoded and standard WCX files, allowing the system to run current applications and author-encoded WCX programs.
The WCX chips in an 8-well bioprocessor format (Ciphergen) were chosen to allow a larger volume of serum for the chip array.
Surface-enhanced laser desorption/ionization (SELDI)-TOF-MS (11,12) was performed with WCX chips (weak cation-exchange capacities), SAX chips (anion-exchange capacity), and immobilized metal-affinity capture (IMAC) chips (metal-chelating capacity).