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WD-40Water Displacement (40th Attempt)
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The concoction worked so well that several employees at the missile base snuck cans of WD-40 out of the plant in their lunchboxes to use at home.
A global marketing organisation, WD-40 develops and sells maintenance, home care and cleaning products for workshops, factories and homes.
WD-40 Specialist, www.wd40specialist.com/products/spray-gel
Among the items destroyed on Thursday were fake Louis Vuitton bags, luggage, and purses valued at P6.3 million; counterfeit Lacoste apparel and footwear worth P2.6 million; bogus WD-40 products; pirated DVDs; and fake medicines.
The only gun cleaner and lubricant the armory officer used was WD-40. He claimed, "It does all the cleaning and lubrication needed to keep them operating, and it does so without harming the wood or bluing." And it did!
WD-40 is widely used in homes and in the industry as a way to "lubricate," clean and protect squeaky hinges, all types of locks, leather furniture, bicycle moving parts, guitar strings, as a bug killer and in many other ways.
It was found that WD-40 Anti Rust Aerosol spray was being sold at shop and manufactured in factory in violation of Copyright of complainant company without any permission or licence from original owner.
Use oil-based products to avoid a reaction with the WD-40.
Initially, aerospace contractor Convair used WD-40 to prevent the skin of the Atlas Missile from rusting and corroding.
WD-40 Company is a global marketing organization dedicated to creating positive lasting memories by developing and selling products that solve problems in workshops, factories and homes around the world.
The purpose of our governance program is to support the WD-40 Company values and culture.