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WDCAWorld Data Centre for Aerosols (Ispra, Italy; World Meterological Organization)
WDCAWorkers' Disability Compensation Act (Michigan)
WDCAWisconsin Debate Coaches Association
WDCAWashington Dwarf Car Association
WDCAWorking Dogo Canario Alliance
WDCAWashington, District of Columbia Area (TV station; Washington, DC)
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c): Represents the brownout for Democratic presidential candidates on WRC (NBC); WJLA (ABC); WUSA (CBS); WBDC (WB); WDCA (UPN) (d): Represents the brownout for Republican presidential candidates on WRC (NBC); WJLA (ABC); WUSA (CBS); WBDC (WB); WDCA (UPN).
The "reasonable employment" provisions of the WDCA allow an employee who has suffered a work-related injury that limits his ability to perform some, but not all, work activities to participate in "reasonable employment" to mitigate the worker's compensation payments.
designated market area (DMA) who subscribe to any DIRECTV TOTAL CHOICE(R) programming package will be able to view 135 live regular season Washington Nationals games: 68 games will be televised on MASN and 67 games will be available on WDCA.
was chosen as a Digital TV Zone because the city is a diverse region where local stations are leading the transition to digital broadcasting, including NBC affiliate WRC, Channel 4; FOX affiliate WTTG, Channel 5; UPN affiliate WDCA, Channel 20; ABC affiliate WJLA, Channel 7; CBS affiliate WUSA, Channel 9; TELEFUTURA station WFDC, Channel 14; PBS station WETA, Channel 26; WB station WBDC, Channel 50; and PAX affiliate WPXW, Channel 66.
local channel package to include WFDC (Telefutura), WDCA (UPN), WETA (PBS), WHUT (PBS), WBDC (WB), WNVC and WFPT (PBS) at no additional charge.
WUPA Atlanta, GA KEYE Austin, TX KVEO Baltimore, MD WSBK Boston, MA WKWB Buffalo, NY WWHO Columbus, OH KTXA Dallas, TX WKBD Detroit, MI WDWB Detroit, MI KBJR Duluth, MN WPTA Fort Wayne, IN KSEE Fresno, CA KTXH Houston, TX WNDY Indianapolis, IN WTNZ Knoxville, TN KCOP Los Angeles, CA WLMT Memphis, TN WPTY Memphis, TN WBFS Miami, FL KMSP Minneapolis, MN WUPL New Orleans, LA WRBW Orlando, FL WEEK Peoria, IL KPSG Oklahoma, OK WPSG Philadelphia, PA WLWC Providence, RI KMAX Sacramento, CA KBWB San Francisco, CA KNTV San Jose, CA KSTW Seattle, WA KMSS Shreveport, LA KSHV Shreveport, LA WTVH Syracuse, NY WTOG Tampa, FL WDCA Washington, DC WTVX West Palm Beach, FL