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WDCTWorldwide Digital Cordless Telecommunications
WDCTWorldwide Digital Cordless Telecommunications (equivalent to DECT)
WDCTWorldwide Digital Communications Technology
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Although the strategies in that framework represented refusal production rather than functioning as a rating rubric, they helped to identify in the raters' comments criteria related to the (in)appropriateness of refusal in terms of the underrepresentation, overrepresentation, or nonrealization of certain strategies in response to a situation in the WDCT.
Like the previous criterion, NNES raters did not employ this criterion to rate the WDCT.
Both NES and NNES raters used this criteria to rate the appropriateness of WDCT responses.
Both NES and NNES raters took this criterion into account in rating WDCT responses.
Table 1 shows the frequency of NES and NNES raters' criteria for the total WDCT and across all six situations.
Furthermore, standard deviations of NNES ratings for the total WDCT and all six situations therein were found to be greater, showing less convergence in their ratings compared with the NES ratings.
These results, in conjunction with those related to the frequency of criteria, indicate that NES and NNES teachers differed from each other not only in their application of rating criteria to evaluation of refusals made in different WDCT situations, but also in assigning scores to rate the appropriateness of refusals.
Infineon has proven its system-on-chip expertise in short range wireless systems and has produced more than 40 million transceiver chips for cordless DECT phones and WDCT systems, which operate in the same frequency bands as Bluetooth (2.
Abbrevations: BiCMOS Bipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor PCM Pulse Code Modulation ROM Read Only Memory UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications WDCT Worldwide Digital Cordless Telecommunications LFBGA Low profile Fine pitch Ball Grid Array TQFP Thin Quad Flat Package TSSOP Thin Shrink Small Outline Package
Its patented WDCT (worldwide digital cordless technology) technology platform, a derivative of the DECT (digital European cordless technology) standard, operates at the 2.
WDCT is a derivative of the European Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard, which operates at 1.