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WDDWorld Diabetes Day
WDDWestern Development Division
WDDWavelength Disk Drive
WDDWindows Disk Defragmenter (Microsoft)
WDDWork Description Document
WDDWlasuk, Delporte, and Davis, Inc.
WDDWinchester Disk Drive (Alcatel)
WDDWavelet Domain Diversity (error correction method)
WDDWeighted Defect Density (software development)
WDDWe Don't Die (gaming clan)
WDDWaveform Diversity and Design
WDDWeb Design and Development
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Secretary WDD Mr Aijaz Mangi replying to a question said that his department has constructed a `Working Women Hostel' in Shaheed Benazirabad for Rs13.
Forbes reported this summer that insurance giant USAA had prohibited WDDs in the workplace until it had fully researched the potential advantages and disadvantages of the new technology.
In WDD the best performance is associated with the south orientation and it is reduced by 50% when the orientation angle approaches 60[degrees] west or east of south.
The WDD was introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation
Drivers suffering from WDD reported experiencing over-tiredness and becoming irritable or short-tempered.
Drivers suffering from WDD reported experiencing overtiredness and becoming irritable or short-tempered.
Symptoms of WDD reportedly include over-tiredness and irritability.
The impact of WDD on Britain's roads has also been highlighted by the research with six per cent of all sufferers involved in a collision with another vehicle during the winter season, two per cent drifting off the road and another two per cent colliding with a stationary object.
WDD was identified in a new study by Privilege Insurance and is being blamed for accidents as concentration and driving ability lapse.
Taking these results and comparing the number of accidents in each region, Privilege Insurance, which commissioned the research, has concluded that Yorkshire with 38% of drivers suffering from WDD is the worst affected region in the country - as against the South-East where only 16% of drivers are sufferers.
In May, the WDD showed just over 300 jobs in its databank of job listings.
The resulting model allowed BG to demonstrate that the technical risks associated with the WDD development--particularly in relation to LNG export--could be managed within the commercial framework of existing supply contracts.