WDEQWyoming Department of Environmental Quality
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The WDEQ has granted the requested amendment to enable low pH operations within the Ross Permit Area at the Lance Projects.
OR: odds ratio; WDEQ Wijma Delivery Expectancy/Expe: Questionnaire; CI: confidence interval.
The issue has taken the spotlight more in Wyoming since Alpha reportedly announced in May that it no longer qualified for the WDEQ's self-bonding program under its Land Quality Division.
With the recent retirements of both John Corra, director of the Air Quality Division of the WDEQ, and Carl Anderson, administrator of Solid and Hazardous Waste Division of the WDEQ, a new interpretation of recent legislation is emerging that will affect landfills in the Bridger Valley and Evanston as well as surrounding counties.
The company has also completed successful initial meetings with both the WDEQ and the NRC to present its planned environmental baseline study programme.
WDH staff contacted camp managers on July 19; the following day, WDA, WDEQ, and WDH jointly conducted an on-site investigation of the camp, which was located in a mountainous region of southeastern Wyoming.
In this study, alpha coefficients were .88 and .89 for WDEQ and the BANSILQ, respectively.
"After demonstrating to the WDEQ that Linc Energy has met the conditions outlined in the permit, the company intends to develop commercial UCG operations in the PRB."
Following the submission of the UCG permit application, the WDEQ will perform a completeness review and then open a public comment period.