WDFHOWrist Driven Flexor Hinge Orthosis
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As expected, the WDFHO increased the pinch force markedly in all subjects.
Conventionally, it is acknowledged that the mechanical joints of wrist and index finger in the WDFHO should be located at the distal tip of the radial styloid and the radial side of the second MCP joint, respectively [37].
Regarding the orthotic management of the nonfunctional hand, Perry stated that power loss results from the wrist traveling an oblique path while the WDFHO must be aligned longitudinally to match the anatomical axes of the wrist and MCP joints [41].
For example, maintaining correct alignment of the WDFHO in persons with tetraplegia who have stronger wrist extensor musculature may require the development of a new total contact polymer WDFHO that ensures an intimate fit.
The unbalanced radial deviation of the wrist that restricts the efficient application of WDFHO might be solved by surgical procedures.
The limitation reported in the single-channel FES system gives us insight that more efficient tenodesis grasp can be achieved by combining the WDFHO with an FES system that stimulates ECU to counteract the undesirable radial deviation caused by stronger ECRB and ECRL in persons with C6 and C7 tetraplegia.
Only the three-point prehension was assessed in this study because the thumb component of the WDFHO was positioned palmar to the index and middle fingers.
This allows the WDFHO users to select the most comfortable and functional wrist angle for specific activities.
This study evaluated the effectiveness of the WDFHO in persons with tetraplegic SCI.