WDFWWashington Department of Fish and Wildlife
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In 2003, the WDFW developed guidelines for managing the hunter harvest of moose in Washington (Table 1).
Two state agencies, the Department of Labor and Industries (DLI) and the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA) within the Department of Social and Health Services, were responsible for administering the WDFW Program.
Even more so than the court in WDFW, the Sherwood court rejected the 50-year-old Labor Department interpretations as relics of a long-past "Front Page" era, when stories were "short, simplistic and over-dimensional," totally unlike the original, analytical and creative content of modern Post stories.
The first phase of a two-phase project included implementation of CODY Records[TM] and CODY Mobile Office[TM] along with other software enhancements, with CODY Mobile Office[TM] being web-deployed to all WDFW Enforcement officers' laptops so these officers can access the agency's records database and complete reports throughout the state while the officer is out in the field, even in areas where there is intermittent or non-existent wireless network coverage.
Working together, these guys took a lot of animals illegally and brazenly ignored laws related to landowners' property rights," said Bruce Bjork, chief of WDFW enforcement.
The ONStor Bobcat allowed the WDFW to seamlessly migrate data from its previous NAS infrastructure while providing an open storage solution compatible with its newly installed Storage Area Network (SAN), delivering cost and time savings.
The MRFFG group began when KWA and ICSC joined with WDFW to address illegal harvesting issues, including shellfish collection from closed and contaminated beaches.
The company's extensive business history and service record were two of the primary factors WDFW used in selecting a CAD/RMS/MDT vendor.
9) WDFW and ODFW (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife ODFW).
Check with the WDFW, Region 6, office at 360-249-4628, as the status might have changed.
The whole purpose is to help the smolts," said WDFW scientific technician Paul Dunlap, who was registering anglers at Chinook Landing.