WDGWeb Design Group
WDGWatchdog Timer (microcontroller, semiconductor, non-volatile memory)
WDGWet Distillers Grain (cattle feed)
WDGWater Dispersible Granule
WDGWeb Development Group
WDGEnid, OK, USA - Woodring Municipal (Airport Code)
WDGWireless Data Group
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There were nine ethanol production companies in Korea in 2012, and WDG DDG, and DDGS productions were 34,700, 13,880 and 7,000 t, respectively (Statistics Korea, 2014).
She hoped that they would soon start the commercial production of Bti WDG which would be helpful for dengue control.
WDG made a commitment to ensure that new products had to be environmentally beneficial, economically viable and functionally equivalent to the products being replaced.
The more surprising finding from existing research is that the heat of summer can be a bigger problem in the use of WDG than the cold of winter.
When applied properly, both of these WDG silicone coatings form a seamless, self-flashing seal; resist oxidation, wind-driven rain and snow, as well as ozone; and offer resistance to cracking, peeling, shrinking or becoming brittle and stiff.
WDG provides video and image compression applications powering solutions for homeland security, digital entertainment, medicine and the U.
The residential building, designed by WDG Architecture of Washington, DC, includes an articulated brick facade with balconies, as well as 9' ceilings in all units.
Pacific Ethanol, in addition to marketing all of the fuel ethanol and WDG output of the Windsor plant, has a contract to procure corn, manage plant operations and market products for Front Range Energy.
Designed by WDG Architecture, Parkway Crossing allows exceptional flexibility in the number and location of business establishments, and can accommodate one or more tenants.
By leveraging its expertise and national cooperative feed distribution system, the company is working to provide ethanol producers a national outlet to market and sell their DDGS and WDG.
WDG of Washington, DC, which has worked with Atlantic Realty on Reston's Plaza America, is the architect for both the retail center and the professional condominiums.