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However, limited data are available about the usefulness of WDG from tapioca and rice, the most popular ingredients for producing ethanol in South Korea.
First 1% stock suspensions of VectoBac WDG and Mousticide were made and calculated amounts of larvicide suspensions were transferred to test cups to achieve the required concentrations.
She hoped that they would soon start the commercial production of Bti WDG which would be helpful for dengue control.
Key words: Aedes aegypti, resistance, Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis WDG, Pakistan.
50] of both Dipel[R] PM and Xentari[R] WDG, comparing with the control treatment (larvae red with leaves treated with distilled water plus Triton X-100 at 0.
WDG made a commitment to ensure that new products had to be environmentally beneficial, economically viable and functionally equivalent to the products being replaced.
The more surprising finding from existing research is that the heat of summer can be a bigger problem in the use of WDG than the cold of winter.
There were nine ethanol production companies in Korea in 2012, and WDG DDG, and DDGS productions were 34,700, 13,880 and 7,000 t, respectively (Statistics Korea, 2014).
When applied properly, both of these WDG silicone coatings form a seamless, self-flashing seal; resist oxidation, wind-driven rain and snow, as well as ozone; and offer resistance to cracking, peeling, shrinking or becoming brittle and stiff.
As market specialist for Dow AgroSciences' Midwest/Atlantic States business unit, she will manage the soybean portfolio of FirstRate[TM] herbicide, Python[TM] WDG herbicide, Glyphomax[TM] Plus herbicide, Treflan[TM] herbicide, Sonalan[TM] herbicide and Pendimax[TM] herbicide.