WDGAWisconsin Dairy Goat Association
WDGAWomen's Disc Golf Association
WDGAWisconsin Deaf Golf Association (est. 1952)
WDGAWarwick Dance and Gymnastics Academy (Warwick, RI)
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The wavelet domain ground roll analysis technique (WDGA) was thus used to address ground roll coefficients in the wavelet domain, each signal analysed to scales and each scale having its time-frequency resolution, frequency being related to scales (Abry, 1997).
Linear analysis was used for ground roll elimination and it was believed that the WDGA technique could attenuate each linear complex noise in the wavelet domain, e.g.
The WDGA is an efficient and applicable method for seismic denoising and could be a substitute method for thresholding.
There are many deaf or impaired hearing golfers who are members of clubs in Wales with playing handicaps, and the WDGA would like welcome them with a view to taking them under their wing and to the level of international & national deaf golf.
The WDGA Captain's Day is at Rhuddlan on May 26 and the Wales Deaf Open is at St Pierre, Chepstow on August 11 and 12..
Anyone interested who wants to know more, should check out WDGA's web site or email for further details, contact enquiries@walesdeafgolf.com.