WDGSWet Distillers Grains with Solubles (product)
WDGSWar Department General Staff (US)
WDGSWage Determination Generation System (US DOL)
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This meant that some plots received more manure than other plots, because varying levels of WDGS in the cattle feed resulted in different levels of nitrogen in the manure.
These differences were especially notable in soils amended with manure produced by cattle that consumed feed with 30 percent WDGS.
Since the removal of starch in the distillation process will concentrate any anti-nutritional factor, the arabinoxylan level in WDGS is higher than that found in wheat (Widyaratne and Zijlstra, 2007).
This in turn will lead to substantial quantities of WDGS being made available to the livestock industry for use as animal feed.
The WDGS used in this study were obtained from New Life Feeds (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) and were produced at the Husky/Mohawk ethanol plant located in Minnedosa, Manitoba.
The control diet was based on wheat and soybean meal while the five experimental diets contained 20% WDGS during the growing period (Table 2) and 12% WDGS during the finishing period (Table 3).
coli O157:H7 in manure and the incidence on hides was significantly higher for the WDGS -fed cattle than their corn-fed counterparts.
The differences may be due to changes within the animal's digestive system, such as an increase in gastrointestinal pH, possibly caused by eating the WDGS," says Wells.
We're still not entirely certain why feeding 40 percent WDGS resulted in higher levels of E.
Research results show that WDGS, in moderation, may offer an inexpensive alternative to traditional feed ingredients.
Some of the USMARC research investigated the impact of WDGS diets on cattle performance and meat quality.
But cattle fed a diet of 60 percent WDGS had lower feed intake and average daily gain.