WDHBWaitemata District Health Board (New Zealand)
WDHBWaikato District Health Board (New Zealand)
WDHBWhanganui District Health Board (New Zealand)
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In about 2010, Patterson decided the existing 1990s business management model was impeding WDHB's ability to deliver high-quality patient care.
Nevertheless, the WDHB's financial position improved from an $8 million deficit in 2008 to breakeven in 2016.
At issue are the bullying tactics and inappropriate shaming propaganda which is taking place at WDHB. Large posters with a photo of a health professional wearing a mask state that, if the public notices staff (ie, nurses) wearing masks, it is because that staff member has not been vaccinated.
I do not wish to be drawn into the employment issues that have arisen as a result of the stance of WDHB management on vaccination and mask use for staff, and there was certainly no inference on my part, in the article, that any nurse was "naughty".
NZNO and other unions have requested that WDHB work in partnership to lift flu vaccination rates through a positive, educative programme rather than the "vaccinate or mask" policy.
Unions want to work collaboratively with WDHB to champion the benefits of flu vaccination.
Details of the charge were that between November 19 and December 16, 2010, while employed as a forensic court liaison nurse at WDHB, Edwards-Harris used a WDHB fuel card to pay for petrol for her own vehicle on three separate occasions.
Edwards-Harris was based in Hamilton but responsible for the Rotorua, Taupo and Tokoroa area and was the sole custodian of a Toyota Corolla, part of the WDHB fleet, which was solely for her work use.
During her 20-year career, Kui, who is of Te Ati Awa descent, has forged close bonds with Whanganui Maori, the district's rural communities and health service providers, says WDHB chief executive Julie Patterson.
The population in the WDHB area met the Ministry of Health's (MoH) criteria for the pilot programme, with an eligible population of 137,000, including European, Maori, Asian, Indian, Pacific and other groups.
GPs refer participants with a positive result to WDHB for colonoscopy.
The WDHB developed a training programme specifically aimed at providing experienced nurses with the skills and knowledge needed to enable them to manage specific presentation types.