WDHBWaikato District Health Board (New Zealand)
WDHBWhanganui District Health Board (New Zealand)
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Wayne Miles, Knowledge Centre; Infectious control and occupational health nurses, WDHB; the Editor and two anonymous referees, NZ Journal of Medical Laboratory Science; and all the participants in AUT and WDHB.
With more than 350 programs organized over 20 years for more than 7,000 business executives, WDHB Consulting Group, headquartered in Berkeley, California, is the world leader for Learning Expeditions and Strategic Expeditions[R].
GPs refer participants with a positive result to WDHB for colonoscopy.
Participants with no histology are re-invited to screening in five years; participants with histology are managed according to New Zealand guidelines and may move onto the WDHB surveillance list; and participants with a lesion follow an appropriate treatment pathway.
Earlier this year, WDHB employed a further eight CNSs at North Shore Hospital ED where the course was further refined to an intensive, eight-week internship programme.
The driving force behind this training programme is WDHB emergency medicine specialist Cecilia Rademeyer.
They had the same terms and conditions they'd had when directly employed by WDHB.
The board of WDHB will decide at its August 20 meeting whether to agree to the deal between the trust and the staff.
It is also important to acknowledge this report relates to events that occurred two years ago and that, in the intervening time, efforts have been made by WDHB to try to improve the situation, including beginning to implement the "Releasing time to care programme".
We conducted an informal survey of 30 clinicians at WDHB to gauge attitudes towards ECT for those diagnosed with BPD.
Her community nurse had warned the ECT nurse that Marcia confessed to having razor blades in her wallet, so the patient was subjected to a property search on each outpatient appointment, in accordance with the WDHB search policy.
As well as receiving supervision at Mind Matters, Kanapi also had the benefit of meeting one day each fortnight with the other 17 nurses on the WDHB new graduate programme.