WDIWorld Development Indicators (World Bank)
WDIWalt Disney Imagineering
WDIWilliam Davidson Institute
WDIWindows Diagnostic Infrastructure
WDIWood Destroying Insect (home inspections)
WDIWorkforce Development Institute (various organizations)
WDIWeb Design Ideas (resource)
WDIWebsphere Data Interchange
WDIWindows Diagnostics Infrastructure (Microsoft)
WDIWind Drift Indicator
WDIWorld Dynamic Investments, Inc. (Stockton, CA)
WDIWireless Data Infrastructure
WDIWar Department Intelligence (US DoD)
WDIWho Did It
WDIWeekly Disability Income
WDIWaterborne Diarrheal Illness
WDIWind Direction Instrument
WDIWeapons Delivery Impairment
WDIWho Dat? Inc. (New Orleans, LA)
WDIWorkplace Diversity Initiative (NIH)
WDIWorkforce Diversity Initiative (Sprint)
WDIWritten Description of the Invention (patent law)
WDIWeld Diameter Inch
WDIWestern Devcon, Inc (real estate developer)
WDIWarm Dry Intact (skin assessment)
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Coming from overseas is Singaporean skatepunk band Iman's League, which has already toured Korea many times and released a six-song album on WDI.
At WDI we always explore all avenues before planning a project and finalizing deliverables.
The total external debt position as reported by the State Bank of Pakistan (considering slight differences with WDI data) was $96.7 billion on September 30, 2018, an increase from the position of $89.4 billion in December, 2017.
The benefit of the WDI measure is that it allows us to present the results for the United States and other developed countries separately, without the above-mentioned concerns about uniform methodology.
There was no comparative year-on-year figure as WDI began operations on April 1, 2016 when the retail business and assets were completely transferred from parent company Wilcon Corp., formerly Wilcon Builder's Depot Inc.
As a result of the new goals, the WDI stated that the term "developing/developed" countries is no longer relevant with this transformation from MDGs to SDGs.
WDI Group, the acclaimed hospitality group that has opened approximately 200 restaurants around the world since 1972, signed a long-term lease to bring Hong Kong-based Michelin-starred restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, to New York for the first time.
Problem Existing algorithms Proposed algorithms (ST graphs) (general digraphs) List disimplicial arcs O(nm) [2] O([alpha]m) Disimplicial elimination O([m.sup.2]) [1] O(min{[eta][DELTA], m}m) M-disimplicial elimination O(nm) [1] O([alpha]m) WDI recognition O([alpha]m) DI recognition O(nm) Tab.
For this reason is that we say a digraph G is weakly diclique irreducible (WDI) when every arc of G belongs to a diclique that contains a disimplicial arc.
Inakaya Abu Dhabi is presented in collaboration with Pearl Hospitality Development and WDI Group.
Connor Bruton, Birmingham SH wdi Cri SHAME on those who evicted disabled widow Carol, who had to resort to sleeping in a cow field.
Time dummies To control for time varying shocks and trends Measures Sources of data Dependent variable: remittances Remittances WB Hbrld Development Indicators online (WDI) (see World Bank 2013) Variables: disasters Natural disasters (a) CRED online (sec Guha-Sapir ct al.