WDIWorld Development Indicators (World Bank)
WDIWalt Disney Imagineering
WDIWilliam Davidson Institute
WDIWood Destroying Insect (home inspections)
WDIWorkforce Development Institute (various organizations)
WDIWebsphere Data Interchange
WDIWind Drift Indicator
WDIWho Did It
WDIWeekly Disability Income
WDIWaterborne Diarrheal Illness
WDIWind Direction Instrument
WDIWeapons Delivery Impairment
WDIWho Dat? Inc. (New Orleans, LA)
WDIWorkplace Diversity Initiative (NIH)
WDIWorkforce Diversity Initiative (Sprint)
WDIWritten Description of the Invention (patent law)
WDIWeld Diameter Inch
WDIWestern Devcon, Inc (real estate developer)
WDIWarm Dry Intact (skin assessment)
WDIWorld Dynamic Investments, Inc. (Stockton, CA)
WDIWeb Design Ideas (resource)
WDIWindows Diagnostics Infrastructure (Microsoft)
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LCI Executive Director Dan Heinemeier said, "I am truly excited that we are extending this recognition to WDI for their many contributions to LCI and the Lean community.
The WDI is constructed by taking the simple average of the above three (FWPR, FLR and FISR) indicators.
Maxine, a svelte, 120-pound female whose full name is Allison Acres Maxine, has earned the designations of WDI, WRD II, TDD and RN (Rally Novice).
The WDI has also spent a great deal of time raising the awareness of public and private landowners and rural policymakers for the need for sustainable deer management as the deer population i Wales continues to increase.
The difference between the enrollment rate based on the two sources ranges from--22 percentage points (Turkey where the DHS implies a rate of 71 percent and the WDI 93 percent) to 47 percentage points (Haiti where the DHS implies a rate of 70 percent and the WDI 23 percent).
In a special tribute, AACC Special Assistant to the President and CEO James McKenney, who founded the WDI two decades ago and will retire later this year, will take the dais for the last time.
WDI creates the attractions for the company's theme parks.
WDI was Tony Roma's first international franchise partner and they also own and operate Tony Roma's in Japan, Guam and Hawaii in addition to other southern California tourist locations including Anaheim and City Walk at Universal Studios.
WDI owns 32% of Unisense FertiliTech A/S after the purchase of new and existing shares in the company worth 24 million USD.
Between them, WDI and WED opened what are regarded within the business as seven wonders of the modern theme-park world - four versions of Disneyland, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom.
To register and/or request interviews with WDI featured speakers, contact Norma Kent, nkent@aacc.
Wong, 40, will continue to hold his title of president of WDI, and be responsible for overall management of the organization including the creation and development of Disney's entertainment venues - theme parks, retail stores, regional entertainment facilities - as well as the master planning, development and asset management of Disney's real estate.