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WDIAWashington Dulles International Airport (airport code IAD)
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While the white Commercial Appeal in 1957 had noted that miscegenation "is treated quite frankly" in the film, the black World reported in 1960 that it "deals mildly with interracial love." When a three-member panel on all-black radio station WDIA's "Brown America Speaks" show protested the ban, the city took note.
On WDIA, see Louis Cantor, Wheelin' on Beale: How WDIA-Memphis Became the Nation's First All-Black Radio Station and Created the Sound that Changed America (New York: Pharos, 1992).
Rothfeder signed a contract with WDIA, agreeing to abide by FCRA requirements to keep information he retrieved confidential, to make inquiries through the computerized system only for a "permissible purpose," and to indemnify WDIA if it suffered damages as a result of improper use of the data.
A few days before Business Week's stow appeared, the Federal Trade Commission started its own investigation of WDIA--prompted by the findings of a trade association audit that found WDIA had failed to prevent a "dubious user" from gaining access to confidential information.
Business Week's story didn't identify WDIA by name.
He awarded WDIA about $7,500 in out-of-pocket damages.
WDIA has filed an appeal; McGraw-Hill is considering one, spokesmen said.
In 1948, King got a job at WDIA radio station, then the only major Black-managed radio station in the Mid-South.
Losses led by: -- 1.3 Cumulus R&B oldies WRBO (8.1-6.9-6.8), -- 0.9 Finn Broadcasting Rhythmic CHR KXHT (5.6-5.3-4.7), -- 0.8 Cumulus Country WGKX (4.6-4.5-3.8), -- 0.8 iHeart News/Talk WREC (2.5-2.4-1.7) and -- 0.7 iHeart Urban A/C WDIA (6.1-6.2-5.4).
Music: iHeart UrbanA/C WDIA recovers 5.4-5.0-6.1,Flinn Broadcasting RymCHR KXHT4.5-5.2-5.6,EntercomHotA/C WMC/F 5.2-4.8-5.0.
Flinn Broadcasting RymCHR KXHT4.4-4.5-5.2, iHeart UrbanA/C WDIA 5.8-5.4-5.0,EntercomHotA/C WMC/F dips 5.7-5.2-4.8, Entercom A/C WRVR 4.9-4.3-4.7, Cumulus Rock WXMX 3.6-3.7-3.7, iHeart ClassicRock WEGR 2.3-2.5-2.8, Entercom Country WLFP3.5-3.3-2.5vs.
UrbanA/C KJMS #1 on 4th cume, 9.2-9.0-9.4, Gospel WHAL/F 8.2-8.2-8.1, Urban WHRK is 4th and takes 6th with UrbanA/C WDIA 5.5-5..8-5.4.