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WDIGWalt Disney Internet Group
WDIGWalt Disney Imagineering Glendale (California)
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We wouldn't be here unless we saw a lot of potential,'' said Kim Kerscher, director of communications for WDIG.
WDIG launched its first broadband content service in Japan in 2003 with NTT FLET's broadband network, reaching more than 7.
Steve Wadsworth is president of WDIG, which is headquartered in North Hollywood, Calif.
Additionally, WDIG has led the way in developing interactive content for televised programming through its Enhanced TV service.
We're excited that major publishers such as WDIG are creating advanced mobile content that our V CAST multimedia service makes possible," said John Stratton, vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless.
China presents a very strong market opportunity for WDIG.
Club Penguin, headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, is managed by co-founder Lane Merrifield and reports directly to Steve Wadsworth, president of WDIG.
and ATLANTA -- Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) and BellSouth today announced an agreement under which WDIG will license selected online content on a non-exclusive basis to BellSouth for re-distribution via BellSouth Internet Service portal ( www.
As part of this agreement, a variety of WDIG content and commerce offerings, including text, video and audio from ABC.
Through relationships with some of the world's largest wireless carriers, WDIG distributes content and services to wireless users under the Disney, ESPN and ABC brands.
WDIG develops and delivers interactive Disney-branded media for Internet and mobile devices for audiences around the world and also provides centralized development support and a world-class technology for all of the Internet properties of The Walt Disney Company.
Albers joins WDIG from MediaNet Digital, formerly MusicNet, where he served as Senior Vice President & CTO, leading numerous high-profile digital music service launches including Microsoft Zune, MTV Urge, Yahoo Music Unlimited, Virgin Red Pass and the Samsung Media Service in Europe.