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WDJWeltverband Deutschsprachiger Journalisten (German: World Association of German-Speaking Journalists)
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Forgive the repetition if you are a long-time reader of WDJ; you are aware we've been saying this forever.
Nova's placement is also a win for WDJ, since she's a smart, well-behaved dog and her mom's proximity and training acuity means they can model and demonstrate for articles in the magazine, often, I hope!
Author Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, is WDJ's Training Editor.
Finally, Pat Miller, WDJ's Training Editor and a professional dog trainer who lives Fairplay, Maryland, has written a useful article about why and how to condition a dog to happily and comfortably wear a muzzle.
I guess, since I just recommended that those interested in the fresh, cooked foods review should revisit the table for additions to the chart, that I should also mention that subscribers to WDJ can access all of our past articles.
However, both WDJ's Training Editor Pat Miller and I love the article, even though we recognize that the points made by its author might be hard for some dog owners to accept, at least at first.
Like most of my WDJ collaborators, Lisa and I have shared a lot of personal information with each other about our canine family members.
I haven't discussed it in any WDJ forum yet; only my closest friends (including long-time WDJ contributors) and family have known about this traumatic experience.
I've learned so much from WDJ, kept most copies over the years, shared my knowledge with friends and family, and encouraged them to subscribe as well.
The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care and Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats, by WDJ contributor CJ Puotinen, are available from wholedogjournal.com
I couldn't be more excited about the changes you will see in this month's issue of WDJ, not least of which is the new illustration of a dog on the cover, which was based on a photograph of my nine-year-old mixed-breed dog, Otto!
Evanger's canned food appeared on WDJ's "approved canned dog foods" in our October 2016 issue.