WDKWindows Driver Kit (Microsoft Operating Systems)
WDKWeb Development Kit
WDKWe Don't Know
WDKWilliam Demant Kollegiet (Danish: William Demant College; Lyngby, Denmark)
WDKWirtschaftsverband der Deutschen Kautschukindustrie eV (Association of the German Rubber Industrie)
WDKWife Don't Know
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The WDK test 2101-1 involves the visual observation of a 400 [cm.
A comparison between the WDK 2101-1 test and the present Dow gel test can be made.
It is expected that, even under other assumptions and circumstances, EPDM polymer that passes the Dow test is extremely unlikely to cause sufficient defects to cause the compound to fail the WDK test.
Beginning today, anyone can download the WDK and quickly create, deploy and monetize exciting and engaging TV Widget experiences.
For more information on the WDK and to begin developing TV Widgets, visit: http://connectedtv.
This WDK takes advantage of industry standard tools, including JAVASCRIPT[R], XML and HTML, making it easy to rapidly develop and deploy TV Widgets based upon popular Internet services.
The WDK empowers Portal Wave customers, system integrators and solution partners to create new or modify existing Wavelets.
They also demonstrate that the WDK is an effective tool to integrate not just CRM, ERP or legacy systems, but any third-party application or content source.
The WDK allows any Java developer, unfamiliar with Portal Wave products, to write or modify Wavelets and to add and modify the EAP's functionality.
We are pleased that APS not only efficiently integrates our ERP system, but also empowers us with the ability to deploy key CRM and SCM functions incrementally as needed using the WDK," Chai said.
In addition, the WDK includes the first ever release of Immersion TouchSense extensions to Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.