WDKWindows Driver Kit (Microsoft Operating Systems)
WDKWireless Developer Kit
WDKWindows Driver Kit
WDKWord Developer'S Kit
WDKWeb Development Kit
WDKWe Don't Know
WDKWilliam Demant Kollegiet (Danish: William Demant College; Lyngby, Denmark)
WDKWirtschaftsverband der Deutschen Kautschukindustrie eV (Association of the German Rubber Industrie)
WDKWife Don't Know
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Just like Weierstrass-Durand-Kerner (WDK) algorithm, Aberth Algorithm is an iterative algorithm to find all the roots of a polynomial, simultaneously.
Nevertheless, climatic variates (WDK, RK, WDT, and HTr) recorded the higher correlations in contrast to the other variates.
Also, to reinforce Yahoo!'s open strategy, the company in partnership with Intel, released the Widget Development Kit (WDK).
The first period was concerned with the cumulative water deficits from beginning of stem elongation to flowering (WDK).
Krings, WDK; "TPE applications of caps and closures in medical applications," U.
The German rubber industry association, Wirtschaftsverband der Deutschen Kautschukindustrie (WDK), and the vehicle manufacturer BMW have standard gel/defect tests that are performed on finished automotive weatherstrip profiles, designating the best Class A quality, as well as lesser Class B quality.
The presentation by Henkel on the standard test method adopted by WDK (Wirtschaftsverband de Deutschen Kautschukindustrie) for the development of lead-free bonding agents for car engines and bushings sparked debate on adhesive testing methods.
Hirsch, WDK, Germany; "End of life tires management: Update," J.