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WDLSWell-Differentiated Liposarcoma (tumor)
WDLSWellington District Law Society (New Zealand)
WDLSWorld Diversity Leadership Symposium
WDLSWithdrawal of Life Support
WDLSWeighted Damped Least-Squares (algorithm)
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(3,4) If TORS continues to show a low recurrence rate for ALTs, it will further differentiate them from WDLs.
They reported that WDLS of subcutaneous tissue and the extremities showed no metastasis, and recommended that the term "well-differentiated liposarcoma" be retained for cases of retroperitoneal tumors because it was difficult in those cases to achieve complete resection and the patients died of local recurrence.
This purpose of this descriptive study was to examine education, support systems and identify current practices about WDLS in intensive care units (ICUs).
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The GOT3 cell line, established from a WDLS tumor [4], was used to study adipogenic differentiation.
(2,13) WDLs of the retroperitoneum, larynx, pharynx, and deep musculature of the neck are associated with more frequent and aggressive local recurrences and a higher incidence of distant metastasis than are more superficially located tumors of the same histologic type.
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