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WDMWavelength Division Multiplexing
WDMWMC (WMC Device Management) Device Management
WDMWindows Driver Model (Microsoft)
WDMWest Des Moines (Iowa)
WDMWave Division Multiplexing (data transmission)
WDMWorld Development Movement
WDMWeb Data Management
WDMWindows Driver Model
WDMWindows Device Manager
WDMWildlife Damage Management (various organizations)
WDMWebsite Design and Marketing
WDMWiring Diagram Manual
WDMWarm Dense Matter
WDMWorkforce Development Manager (various companies)
WDMWorkflow and Document Management
WDMWindows Doors & More, Inc (Seattle and Redmond, WA)
WDMWear Debris Monitoring
WDMWelander Distal Myopathy
WDMWireless Data Modem
WDMWatch Dog Monitor
WDMWaking Down in Mutuality
WDMWax Dip Molding
WDMWavelength Division Methods
WDMWiring Data/Diagrams (TMINS)
WDMWeather Data Maintenance
WDMWiring Distribution Module
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According to the World Development Movement (WDM), Third World textile producers could be made a "sacrificial lamb" in talks to clinch the elusive renewal of the General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade (Gatt).
de Waardt, "Interferometric crosstalk reduction in an RSOA-Based WDM passive optical network", Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol.
We assume that the transmission bandwidth of a fiber is [C.sub.fiber], the channel spacing based on ITU-T frequency grid of traditional WDM network is [G.sub.WDM] ([G.sub.WDM] = 100 GHz) and EON channel spacing is [G.sub.EON] ([G.sub.EON] << [G.sub.WDM]).
With WDM, business would no longer have to rely on ethernet routes.
Under the transparent IP over WDM (Tp-IPoWDM) network, we tried two kinds of ILP formulations, i.e.
Splitting a conventional nonlinear medium, such as an optical fiber, into several short sections separated by special periodic-group-delay filters yields a medium in which all frequency components of the same WDM channel travel with the same speed, ensuring strong SPM.
There are two popular solutions for increasing SE of existing WDM transmission systems.
They noted that since WDM highlights water use reduction to address the gap between increasing demand for and availability of water, this strategy is vital in achieving water security which is among resilience-building essentials.
Dom Maklerski WDM (WDM), a small-cap investment bank in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and Quark Ventures (QV), one of CEE's leading venture funds, said they have made key progress in a cooperation agreement with new client, Massachusetts-based Pressure BioSciences, Inc.
Telecom network vendor Huawei is demonstrating point-to-point wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network (PtP WDM PON) solution at the Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exposition (OFC 2015) in Los Angeles.
Yokogawa provides 12 built-in analysis routines commonly used for telecom testing, Kwok said, including automated routines for evaluating WDM (OSNR), spectral width/notch, SMSR, PMD, and optical power.